Monday, May 20, 2013

I love my kids!

My most recent pictures of my cuties were taken way back in March.  I feel like such a slacker, but that is what happens when you run a crazy, busy life.  Enjoy these cute faces.  I will do my best to post updated ones in the next couple of days.  Lucky for us the weather is suppose to be fantastic starting tomorrow, mid day.  We are planning on tilling Grandma's garden.  Those should be some fun photos...considering Xander is terrified of the outdoors now that the wasps and mesquitos are out, and Lyric...well...anyone who knows Lyric knows how much fun she can have outside; climbing, jumping, playing with and eating the dirt, chasing chickens, and trying her best to torment Charlie.  Tomorrow is going to be so much fun!

 This little girl LOVES carrots!  Of course I have to watch her carefully because she attempts swallowing them whole.

 These two cuties are best friends.  I often catch Xander reading to Lyric or singing to her.  They are always cuddling, laughing, crying, and wrestling together.

 Lyric and Xander made a slide using couch cushions.  We covered it with a sheet so that we wouldn't smash chips and vegetables all over the couch.  Xander decided it was photo shoot time, so he went and changed his shirt and told me to take 'mold' pictures of him.  I think he wanted model pictures.  

 This is my handsome 'mold' boy.  He cracks me up.  Xander comes up with the funniest things to say.  He really is smart.  He thinks way beyond his years and often stumps me with his questions.  He was watching National Geographic a few months ago and it happened to be a two hour special on the Life of Tigers.  After watching it in its entirety, Xander comes up to me and explains that Tigers have a very short mating season and that is why there aren't lots of Tigers.  After explaining there mating process in more detail than necessary, Xander asks me, "Mom, when is the human mating season?"  Of course after putting my eyes back in my head and picking my jaw up from the ground, I couldn't control my laughter.  Xander continued looking at me with a very serious face and said, "I asked you a question.  Aren't you going to answer it?"  I told Xander he would have to wait for the answer until his dad got home from work because mommy was uncomfortable answering such an adult questions.

Xander loves taking pictures.  He told me that he could take better pictures than me so he went and got my little camera and took these beauties of his sister.  After taking them, Lyric and Xander sat on the couch together looking and laughing at the captured memories.  Lyric does everything that her brother does.  When he cries, she cries...unless of course she was the cause of his emotional break down. When that is the case, she laughs and runs away.

 Here is the fun fort!  Xander loves taking all the couch cushions from the couch and making the coolest fort ever.  I really have to restrain myself and my O.C.D. tenancies.   As my kids are laughing hysterically, I am constantly rehearsing in my head, "Let them be children. A clean and tidy house will come later." After a few days of having the fort recreated in the living room, I came up with a brilliant idea.  We made an even bigger, better fort in Xanders bedroom.  He has a bunk-bed and now I know why children love them so much.  We strung blankets all around and created a small opening for a door.  We stacked books inside the fort and used flashlights to create a 'cave' fort.  We left the fort up for weeks, and each night Xander, Lyric, Daddy and I would cuddle in the fort and read a story with our flashlights.  Talk about fun!

 Inside the living room fort...Thank goodness for a camera with flash or we wouldn't see anything in the pitch black. I am so grateful to be able to stay at home with my kids and enjoy these times of creation, but more importantly be apart of their memories.  There is literally nothing better than being a mom.

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