Friday, May 24, 2013

Anniversary Celebration

This year Jarom and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary.  Yes, I said 6 years.  I can't believe how fast the time went by.  We have definitely had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't want to go through my trials, accomplishments, learning experiences, pains, laughs,...with anyone else.  We have two of the cutest kids in the world.  They have one Dad, and one Mom and we are going to keep it that way.  I love knowing that Jarom is my forever partner, friend, companion... it says a lot these days.  Staying married to the same person doesn't necessarily mean you married the 'right' person.  It means you were dedicated to one another and to the concept that families really can be together forever.  Marriage is hard.  It is how you work through the trials and troubles that makes a marriage worth it.

I honestly believe that anyone could marry a complete stranger and with enough effort, forgiveness, compassion, and communication, those two people could make a HAPPY marriage.  The Savior lived his life teaching us that we have the capability of loving everyone and anyone.  If we look at others the way he looks at us, we can love anyone.  If you are struggling with your spouse, start looking for their strengths.  Start recognizing them for their good.  Love unconditionally.  We are all human, which means we will all make mistakes.  Be forgiving and encouraging.  How many times do you judge a person before you know them?  How many times to you hear something about a struggling individual and it changes your complete view of them?  Take the time to see the good in people, listen to their story, walk in their shoes.  You can learn to love the hardest of people once you know what they went through to make them who they are today.

Back to celebrating our anniversary...Jarom and I had a great time in Logan, UT where we tied the knot 6 years ago in the LDS Temple. We stayed at the Anniversary Inn, in the Hawaiin Paradise room...and it was definitely a Paradise.  My parents watched the kids for the evening, and Jarom and I had an amazing time together.  We watched the new Star Trek movie and then went back to the room and had a huge Jacuzzi bath to soak in.  We ate pizza and cheesecake and partied it up.  I love anniversaries!
My handsome man 2013!

Me in all my craziness 2013

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