Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Memory of Rexburg

5 months had gone by since we had been to Rexburg, ID for vacation.  I will admit I don't enjoy the 3 hour drive north, nor do I like the cold weather in the fall, winter, and spring, but I miss the company of the Saurey Family.  I was blessed with some amazing brother and sisters' in-law, and great mother and father-in-law.  I always learn something knew when I am around Jaroms family.  We grew up completely opposite.  I was raised in the city, and he was raised in the country.  Just a few differences:

Eating out of a garden that you planted and cared for vs. going to the grocery store and buying food that was shipped from a strangers garden.
-Embarrassing to admit, but funny at the same time, I didn't know you could actually eat out of a garden until I married my husband.  That story is for another time.

People heat their homes with actual fires instead of a furnace

Jumping off bridges and floating the river vs. shopping centers and amusement parks

Camping in the wilderness vs. staying in an R.V. at a camp site

Outdoor fires and bugs vs. video games and movie rentals

When we venture to Rexburg, we make an extra effort to see all the members of Jaroms family.  Most of them live close so it isn't hard to do.  We look forward to our outdoor fires, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, tin-foil and dutch oven dinners, 4 wheeling, cross country skiing, sledding, card games every night, digging in the dirt, and spending quality time together.  What I love most is seeing my kids interact with the outdoors, spending time with their best friends who happen to be their cousins, getting advice from amazing sister-in-laws...Every time we visit, Jarom and I have an overwhelming desire to more closer to his side of the family.

This time, our visit to Rexburg was busy and extremely fun!  We were able to help Brent and Pat plant their garden (where I was able to get hands on experience that I would use the following week).

We went 4 wheeling up in the mountains somewhere near Mesa Falls.
The most beautiful place on Earth!  Look at all the wild flowers!
My favorite part of this picture is looks like he is trying to ride the plastic motorcycle.

My amazing family + my beautiful niece Nicole

Lyric is ready for her driving lessons. 

Grandpa and I believe this is Luke...

After adventuring through the mountains on 4wheelers, we stopped at the Warm Springs for lunch.  It was so pretty.  I'm wondering why it took so long to explore the mountains here.

Love, Love, Love all these boys!  The twins and Xander get along really well.  All of their personalities are so different.  It is fun to see their interactions.

Singing in the Rain

Seriously...does it get much better than this?  I would choose the country over city living any day.

I wasn't sure who this child was at first glance, and then I realized it was my little Lyric.  She had just woken up and was not very happy.

Grandma discovered that Lyric did not like Tuna Sandwiches

Levi, Leah, and Xander

Way too much fun!

Levi taking care of his baby girl.

My handsome hubby

This is not the best family photo in the world, but it's better than nothing

What? Wild flowers?  

This was so gross and exciting all at the same time.  This is a next of caterpillars.  I had no idea they did this.

Binky addict.  Jarom and I are great at breeding them.

Brent, Pat, Levi and Lori...we were on to our mountain adventures.

This was not my first time wearing a biking helmet...but it is the first time wearing one while riding on a 4wheeler.


Pat is such a good grandma.  I felt bad for her once these boys fell asleep...that is right.  They both fell asleep on the way back to the car.  She had to use her lady strength to keep them on the 4 wheeler.

Lori, Leah, Levi, and Luke

We stopped and fed the fish.

We played outside with all of the kids, saw all kinds of crazy animals, and enjoyed the outdoor dinners and desserts.  Jarom and I would really like to move back to Rexburg so that we can be closer to his side of the family.  I also want my kids to live closer to their cousins and enjoy the great outdoors.  I have so many other pictures of Rexburg, but I'm afraid if I don't pulish this now, it won't ever get done :)  So here goes nothing...

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