Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bent and Broken

My parents house is now considered the House of Job.  My dad had even made a comment about answering the phone as, "Thanks for calling the house of Job...."

It seems to be one thing after another for these two families.  Shortly after our apartment flooded, my mom had these great plans to dig a hole for her trampoline.  She was worried that the grandkids would fall off the trampoline and crack their head open on the cement below (I know...a brilliant idea to place such a contraption on a cement slab).  I'm not one to sit around and wait for things to happen, so I grabbed a shovel and started digging.  3 hours later we had half of a circle of grass pulled up.  It was going to be a long make the situation even worse, we went from three bodies digging, to two.  A few days after starting this project, my mom was visiting a neighbor friend and didn't come home until after dark.  As she was walking down her neighbors stairs, she had the misfortune of thinking there were no more stairs to venture down.  You can imagine what happened...we have all done it.  You think you are done with the stairs so you begin walking normally; only to find you had at least one or two steps more to go.  Most people tumble and fall, scrape and bump...then there is my mom.  She not only skinned her knuckles, tore her shirt, and scraped her knees.  My mom broke her Tibia and tore some ligaments.

Surprisingly, my mom actually had her cell phone on her that night.  Many people often wonder why she has a cell phone at all because she rarely has it on her, and when she does remember to carry it with her, the battery is dead or on silent.  As she was lying on the ground, crying and bloodied (the story wouldn't be fun without the dramatization) I am certain she was counting her blessings knowing she was only a few hundred feet from her back door, and had her cellphone to call my dad on.

I can only imagine how rough it was trying to get back to the house and into the car.  My dad helped as much as he could, but you can only do so much.  The emergency room visit went as well as expected.  My mom was there for a few hours before they were able to release her.  The next day, she went to see her Doctor, who took x-rays and wrapped her foot in a molded cast.  Surgery needed to be done, but waiting was necessary due to the swelling of my moms leg.

The surgery was performed successfully, and the doctor stated that their wasn't as much damage as he initially thought.  She has a plate and a few screws holding things together, but thankfully no hard cast.  For the first few days, my mom had to keep her foot elevated and stay on heavy pain medications.  She is doing much better now!  I was able to get her out of the house yesterday to enjoy lunch at one of our favorites, Madbrook.  And today...she made it out of the house again to see the much awaited Man of Steel.  We are planning on celebrating Father's Day tomorrow so that will make 3 days in a row of getting out of the house.  That has got to be the best feeling ever!

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