Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gardening at its best

Finally found the photos so that I can publish this blog :)

1 month ago, I finished weeding a garden plot at my parents home.  I had planned on planting before leaving for Rexburg, but that didn't happen due to our apartment situation.  It is probably a good thing I didn't get around to the garden because my mother and father-in-law taught me the real way to plant seed while we were visiting for Memorial Day.  They always have the most amazing garden, so it was great to actually have some hands on training before trying it myself.  (If you ask my dad, he says that I have planted a garden before...we apparently had one every year and all of the kids helped out, but I don't remember this....I just remember doing a lot of weeding and never actually eating what we attempted to grow. SORRY DAD!)

Along with weeding out a garden plot at my parents house, I took on the task of weeding my parents flower bed.  It had overgrown itself with weeds, candy wrappers, spiders, and the much loved ivy.  What I thought would only take an hour actually took me 5 hours.  Xander helped for quite a while, and Lyric played with small shovels and hoe's.  My mom helped pull weeds, but after much sweat and panting, I sent her inside to take a nap with Lyric.  Who knew that weeding could be so physically demanding?  The Ivy was the hardest plant to remove from the flower bed.  I thought I would end up having a stroke before getting it all out, but luckily...I'm still here.  After pulling the weeds, realigning the drip system, and raking the dirt, I left the mess on the side walk for my brother, Tyler, to clean up....hahaha...I wish.  I put as many of the weeds in the wheel-barrow as would fit, and THEN I left it for Tyler to clean up.  The next day I came over with the intent of planting Hostas and Flowers, but was surprised to see it already done.  My mom is great at designing landscape; it looked lovely.

 Before we started weeding, this what the flower bed looked like...pretty lousy right?
There were so many rocks.  After removing all of them, I realized they were used to hold down the drip line.  My bad...

 Xander was more excited about watering the weeds than actually pulling them out.
 After almost two hours of pulling weeds, my mom came out to help.  The ivy was the hardest part.  That was all the was left.  She was a trooper and did the hard pulling while I did the digging.  I bet she is wishing she could be doing this now...instead of having to stay inside all summer with a broken leg.
This picture still isn't the finished product.  This is just the image after all the weeding, racking, and rearranging was accomplished.  There were two hydrangea plants; one in the upper left corner and one in the lower left corner.  I found them hidden and suffocating under all the ivy.  Cross your fingers they survive!  Hydrangea's are one of my favorites!  I wonder what color the blossoms will be :)

This little mischievous girl... I pulled a car seat out and it kept her intertained for about an hour.  After that I spend a lot of time chasing her around the yard and keeping her out of the street.  After hitting her brother in the head with a small shovel for the second time, I sent her in with Grandma to take a nap.


I was finally able to plant a real garden when our family returned from Rexburg.  I planted Cucumbers, Carrots, Peas, Beans, Squash, Zucchini, Pumpkin, and Tomatoes.  Two weeks after planting, most of the seeds sprouted.  I have way too many cucumbers...but I don't really see that as a problem right now.  I can always leave a box out that says FREE cucumbers... My carrots are growing, there are tomatoes already on the vine, flowers on the zucchini and squash....I am so excited!  I did spend an hour weeding yesterday and was a little disappointed to see all of the ground covering type of just means I will have to spend extra time weeding this year.

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